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October 2021
Album review

YUNGBLUD - weird!

We’re all a little ‘weird!’ at heart.
Label: Polydor
Released: 4th December 2020
Rating: ★★★★
YUNGBLUD - weird!
Published: 2:23 pm, January 14, 2021Words: Stephen Ackroyd.

YUNGBLUD knows the value of a gang. Transforming by the track into the kind of artist who inspires wide-eyed, full-hearted belief, he also knows that true belonging doesn’t come from narrow definitions or walled gardens. Nah. His is a church with the doors flung wide open - a genre-fluid full spectrum of pop, rock and everything in-between. It might be titled for the outsiders, but the truth behind Dominic Harrison’s second full-length is that, really, we’re all a little ‘weird!’ at heart.

It’s also a record that knows every trick in the book. Occasionally, in passing, it’ll show the kind of bravado and ambition of My Chemical Romance at the height of their powers. At others, it has the bratty brashness of the Beastie Boys (‘super dead friends’), or the kind pitch-perfect, chart-friendly alt-pop that eats up the airwaves (‘cotton candy’). Crucially, it’s never just one of these things at once, though. These switches happen at will, within the space of a single track, often spliced together to create songs that always feel fresh and exciting.

That’s the magic of YUNGBLUD for you. There’s something for everyone.


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