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September 2022
EP review

Witch Fever – Reincarnate EP

The EP snarls and bites in all the right ways.
Label: Music For Nations
Released: 15th October 2021
Rating: ★★★★★
Witch Fever – Reincarnate EP
Published: 12:01 pm, October 13, 2021Words: Edie McQueen.

Manchester's raging quartet Witch Fever prove their worth in a crowded punk scene with their debut EP, 'Reincarnate', a collection of songs that spiral in tight control. 

From the moment the eponymous first track blazes forth, you'll be gripping the edge of your seat, staring into the red-eyes of the band's fiery, hot-poker punk. Lead singer Amy Walpole's vocals alternate in tone, slipping between feverish, sluggish, and electric edges with a wild dexterity. 

The track is followed by 'In the Resurrect', the punchy, almost preppy opening of which is quickly drowned out in sloughs of low, growling guitars and drums that thrash like a toddler with teething pains. This points to the central victory of Witch Fever's sound; it is more than just angry. Its anger is anthemic and somehow inspiring in a way that modern punk isn't always. Razor-sharp and biblical in proportion, the band present a raging account of femininity trapped within their visceral sonic assault. Harnessing tropes of female hysteria, the band flip it on its head and position it as something powerful and breath-taking. 

Driving forward full throttle, as a first EP, this snarls and bites in all the right ways, positioning Witch Fever as commanding members of Manchester's music scene.


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