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October 2021
Album review

Wavves - Hideaway

Certainly not an album to hide away from.
Label: Fat Possum
Released: 16th July 2021
Rating: ★★★★
Wavves - Hideaway
Published: 11:19 am, August 19, 2021Words: Steven Loftin.

The rough ’n’ ready sound of Wavves is one that’s been around long enough to hold a level of expectation. Some crunching guitars churning away in a lo-fi fray, while frontman Nathan Williams sits chewing on the world around him, is pretty much the gist of things. On ‘Hideaway’, however, Nathan embraces his inner pop demon and digs deep into those melodies to help deal with confronting a whole bunch of bubbling self-awareness. Stemming from holing himself up in his parents’ shed - similar to his day dot method of working - he’s emerged with a more confident, similarly raucous but ultimately satisfying version of Wavves.

It’s all edging toward being a little bit older and wiser, without losing that relatable kick; wanting to burrow from the weird wide world (‘Hideaway’), not having a Good Time of things (‘Thru Hell’), and, err, feeling like you’re dying (‘Honeycomb’). ‘The Blame’, with its hurried country tinge, gives a fresh flair to Wavves' standard surf sound, hitting nice since Wavves have always had an element of being a bit hard to digest over an extended period. On 'Hideaway' however, everything feels revived, which makes sense given Nathan’s essentially poured the last couple of years of his experiences into it. Certainly not an album to hide away from.


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