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June 2022 (NOAHFINNCE)
Album review

Thyla - Thyla

Thyla have presented a surefire recipe for music that hits home.
Label: Easy Life Records
Released: 28th January 2022
Rating: ★★★
Thyla - Thyla
Published: 4:31 pm, March 10, 2022Words: Connor Fenton.

Following a slow-burn of singles and EPs, Brighton-based alt-rock trio Thyla have burst into glorious flames with their self-titled debut album, an impassioned showcase of the band’s ability to meld unabashed vulnerability and driving rock energy for an excellently balanced blend. 

Taking a deep plunge into the human condition, Thyla leave no stone unturned to bring us a taste of our own neurosis that’s unavoidably relatable. Marching into action on ‘Amber Waits’ with the churning percussion and fuzzed-out bass of a war machine, there’s the instant recognition that Thyla are not here to play in half measures. There’s a golden ratio of two parts rock for every part pop that infuses the gritty musicianship of Dan Hole and Danny Southwell with the saccharine vocals of Millie Duthie. “I’m outta my mind, and it’s all so helpless,” she sings on ‘Flush’, encapsulating the bravery required to admit you’re scared. 

Although they might not have re-written the book on alternative rock records, Thyla have presented a surefire recipe for music that hits home.


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