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September 2019
Album Review

The Twilight Sad's 'It Won/T Be Like This All The Time' is full of power and sentiment

As equally intense as it is devastatingly raw.
Label: Rock Action Records
Released: 18th January 2019
Rating: ★★★
The Twilight Sad's 'It Won/T Be Like This All The Time' is full of power and sentiment
Published: 10:45 am, January 15, 2019Words: Jamie Muir.

The Twilight Sad have been a band with passion and emotion at the core of every single thing they do from the very beginning. Ripped raw and open for all to look into, it’s taken them around the world - never compromising on that ideal and delivering in a way that’s taken them to the hearts of many. On ‘It Won/t Be Like This All The Time’, it’s ramped up to a whole new level, one that finds them sonically expanding into an all-encompassing world of sound that’s as equally intense as it is devastatingly raw.

Dealing with a myriad of human emotion, it’s underpinned by a fresh and driving synth underbelly that reverberates throughout, giving the band their densest album to date. A record that sits as a full body of work full of power and sentiment, it finds The Twilight Sad flexing their muscles as a band. Opener ’[10 Reasons For Modern Drugs]’ is an unrelenting swarm of emotion and desperation, while ‘I/m Not Here [Missing Face]’ thrives as one of the band’s most catchy cuts to date. It’s an unfiltered listen, ripping into new shreds with ‘Auge Maschine’ as the calls of frontman James Alexander Graham crash against combative escalation and swinging with mesmeric prowess on ‘Let’s Get Lost’. It’s the sound of a band letting emotion rise further than it’s ever done before, and reaping the rewards because of it.

It’s the sound of The Twilight Sad reaching the heights they’ve connected on for years now, amplified even higher without any sense of restriction or fear in how honest they can be. There can always be a debate about what level or ranking an album can be in the midst of a whole world of music, but ‘It Won/t Be Like This All The Time’ has that pedigree and weight to be a record genuinely able to reach and change whoever may lay their ears on it when they need it the most.


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