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September 2022
Album review

The Pale White - Infinite Pleasure

They've stepped up from their past EPs.
Released: 23rd April 2021
Rating: ★★★
The Pale White - Infinite Pleasure
Published: 2:30 pm, June 03, 2021Words: Finlay Holden.

The Pale White have been making waves in the UK rock scene for years, and their debut full-length release has been long-awaited by fans; thankfully, 11-track rocker ‘Infinite Pleasure’ lives up to expectations and delivers on the promises which the North East trio have been teasing since 2016.

The moody title-track opens up the record with a slow-burn that twists into a heavy number, introducing the overarching lyrical themes of constantly aspiring to new heights of fulfilment and incidentally casting aside potential enjoyment from present victories. This is something that is reinforced across the album through previous singles and fellow bangers ‘Glue’ and ‘Take Your Time’.

It is really the sonic direction that has stepped up from their past EPs though; the guitars in particular sound far more polished than the excessive reverb utilised previously, and these create a more concise arrangement across all songs. This is most notable on fan-favourite tune ‘That Dress’, which has been significantly revamped since it first appeared as a demo in 2016.

‘Anechoic Chamber Blues’ generates a mellow, sombre soundscape that floats into the fast-paced, thrashing instrumentation of ‘Sonder’. The album closes as strong as it opens with the seven-minute epic ‘Frank Sinatra’ - this is once again an unexpectedly dynamic piece showing a new side to the group, and these moments are sure to delight alongside the more conventional head-bangers like ‘Medicine’.

The structure of this album flows naturally, and it is obvious that this trio has reigned in their performance in order to present a more sophisticated release rather than just focusing on volume alone. This is a big change sonically, but it allows the group to utilise the long-play medium effectively and create a whole and grand full-length experience to enthral past listeners and intrigue new fans alike.


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