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October 2022
Album review

Static Dress - Rouge Carpet Disaster

‘Rouge Carpet Disaster’ sparks with electricity.
Released: 18th May 2022
Rating: ★★★★★
Static Dress - Rouge Carpet Disaster
Published: 4:33 pm, June 08, 2022Words: Steven Loftin.

Imagine someone grabbing your face and just spilling their guts at you in between howling screams: that’s what Static Dress have bottled on their hotly-anticipated debut album.

‘Rouge Carpet Disaster’ sparks with electricity, connecting each depraved holler, searing guitar line and furiously sturdy rhythm section barely holding itself together. With unbridled stamina, it’s unrelenting in all the best ways.

Echoing early days My Chem, but with a more jagged post-hardcore edge, the twelve tracks here collide together, pressure building, ready to inject life into the band’s take on just what a group can be and do in 2022.

Having reached into their creative pockets and pulled out a world built with lore and ambition, it’s their ability to as easily lift their feet from the pedal and let the glimmering sound of shoegaze take over (‘Attempt 8’) that marks them as more than a flash in the pan.

This is a band here to stay with the ferocity and determination that makes sure everyone will know the name Static Dress, and ‘Rouge Carpet Disaster’ is their statement piece.


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