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June 2022 (NOAHFINNCE)
EP review

Softcult - Year of the Snake EP

They’re a band with the style and substance to boot.
Label: Easy Life Records
Released: 4th February 2022
Rating: ★★★★
Softcult - Year of the Snake EP
Published: 4:29 pm, March 10, 2022Words: Steven Loftin.

Canadian duo Softcult are wasting no time. Since the release of last year’s ‘Year of the Rat’, their world has been building through the use of zines and community, and they continue the musical side with ‘Year of the Snake’. Still embracing those dark, feather-light pop jams with a gnarled twist, they’re not slowing down for their second outing. 

Kicking off with the raging ‘BWBB’, it’s these moments that tear through the hazy mist that offer the most promise and give a bite to the tracks that bark. Also finally housing their now infamous track ‘Uzumaki’ (after its tearing apart last year thanks to its similarity to Loathe’s ‘Two Way Mirror’), the time to reflect and reimagine has given a new lease to a cut that was already a lush heart-on-sleeve joy and also gives new meaning to the anxiety-ridden track while the closing white noises see this new year out. 

Softcult so far have consistently delivered a promising hazy, alt noise to get lost in, while knowingly giving voice to issues that matter, they’re a band with the style and substance to boot.


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