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May 2021
Album review

Seaway - Big Vibe

An album oozing with bright, feel-good tracks.
Label: Pure Noise Records
Released: 16th October 2020
Rating: ★★★★
Seaway - Big Vibe
Published: 11:54 am, October 29, 2020Words: Kelsey McClure.

After the departure of guitarist and vocalist Patrick Carleton fans were left wondering what this would mean for Seaway's sound, but they've come back stronger than ever with fourth album 'Big Vibe'. This eleven-track record draws inspiration from 80s power pop, and it's an influence that's distinct throughout.

Starting with fantastic opening track 'Brain In A Jar', the drums (Ken Taylor) are a stand-out element, setting the pace for an energetic album. Title-track 'Big Vibe' is beyond catchy, while 'Mrs. David' presents the biggest shift from previous releases. Andrew Eichinger (guitar) really shows his skill here, unafraid to experiment with different tones and amp effects. The group's divergence from their pop-punk roots has truly allowed for his talent to shine. 'Pathetic' is anything but - fun riffs and well-blended vocals make this the best song on the album. It is proof that the band can easily hold their own, despite Carleton's absence. 

'Big Vibe' is an album oozing with bright, feel-good tracks. Seaway have produced an upbeat, cohesive record that happily introduces a new era.


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