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October 2021
Album review

Royal Blood - Typhoons

Emerging from underneath a storm that could have sunk them, Royal Blood have instead produced their best record yet.
Label: Warner
Released: 30th April 2021
Rating: ★★★★
Royal Blood - Typhoons
Published: 2:34 pm, June 03, 2021Words: Jamie MacMillan.

So quick was Royal Blood's rise to being one of the country's biggest rock bands after their self-titled debut, in hindsight it's perhaps unsurprising that trouble was soon looming on their horizons. Alongside a more muted reaction to their follow up record, guitarist and frontman Mike Kerr was battling demons of his own. It would have been easy to imagine' Typhoons' then as a record wallowing in the depths of gloom and even more darkness. You couldn't be more wrong. It's the soundtrack to a band shedding their skin, revealing a whole new glittering and confident outfit underneath.

If 'How Did We Get So Dark?' saw the duo wandering similar territories as their debut, this sees the Brighton guys pitch up in a whole new territory. It feels lighter on its feet, in huge part due to its leaning on a more electro-based set of influences than had been previously explored. Ben Thatcher's drumming feels lithe and nimble, and while you can't see them popping on the discarded Daft Punk helmets just yet, the whole record feels *alive* in a way that perhaps you didn't see coming. It's a tweak on the dial rather than a whole reset though, forming the same seismic, yet natural, shift that Muse pulled off when they started singing about black holes and discovering their inner Prince. The exception here being that Royal Blood are concerned more in their inner feelings rather than outer space. And don't seem a step away from tinfoil hats.

The highlights come thick and fast from opener 'Trouble's Coming' onwards, all the way through to its contemplative low-key finale of 'All We Have Is Now'. The journey that lies between the two is a celebration of life, of moving through it, and living it to the full. Emerging from underneath a storm that could have sunk them, Royal Blood have instead produced their best record yet. Trouble looks to be behind them once more.


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