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October 2021
Album review

Remember Sports – Like A Stone

More than just a little bit special.
Label: Big Scary Monsters
Released: 23rd April 2021
Rating: ★★★★
Remember Sports – Like A Stone
Published: 2:38 pm, June 03, 2021Words: Steven Loftin.

Indie upstarts Remember Sports are jingle-jangling their way back into our lives on a giant sonic step forward of a third album. All without leaving the ramshackle sanctity of what made them such a special band in the first place.

Dealing with everything from desire ('Pinky Ring'), to periods ('Eggs'), vocalist Carmen Perry continues her whip-smart lyricism, but this team effort sees the band honing in and focusing on their craft - trading instruments and building each block carefully in the studio resulting in a tempestuously collaborative effort filled with equal parts heart-wrenching vulnerability and frantic, frenetic energy.

A determined raggedness still radiates from the snapping drums to the distorted guitars - even the occasional biting blues sounding guitar solo - but 'Like A Stone' also feels larger than life. Where their earlier outings sounded as if they were being pumped live straight from their bedroom, now it sounds like Remember Sports are ready to emerge to their rightful place amongst the rest of the haphazardly boisterous and bouncing cult bands.

Be it the forty-second burst of 'Coffee Machine', or the near seven-minute 'Out Loud',  the pop-punk undertones - four brash chords scratched out through the wiry mesh - still reign supreme, creating that emotional deliverance. However, 'Like A Stone' finds its comfort in the moments made to create that bigger picture; a melding ethereal guitar line or Carmen's voice breaking in its candour.

The little band who could Remember Sports going from 'a bit of fun' to bonafide cult indie punk poppers is a tale we all love to see, and 'Like A Stone' is the next moment for this band of chancers to remind us why they're more than just a little bit special.


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