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March 2020
Album review

'Untitled' is the sound of Rammstein at the peak of their creative powers

A newfound sense of range lends itself well to their usual shtick.
Label: Spinefarm
Released: 17th May 2019
Rating: ★★★★
'Untitled' is the sound of Rammstein at the peak of their creative powers
Published: 11:55 am, May 16, 2019Words: Jack Press.

When you’ve relied on nothing but a pyromaniac’s sandbox of a stage show for ten long years between albums to maintain your presence, you’d be forgiven for thinking industrial metal titans Rammstein were playing it safe on 'Deutschland', 'Untitled'’s bombastic lead single.

Rammstein’s live show has always been a pyromaniac’s playground: from frontman Till Lindemann blowing himself up to shooting firework-flares at sound-towers. Rammstein thrive on the theatrical and for the first time in a long time, the Germans inject the creativity of their live show into their studio performance. Single ‘Radio’ is a pulsating blur of techno-synths, marching-band drums and distorted riffs glued together by the theatrical harmonies that underline the chorus. If you ever imagined what Ghost would sound like in German, this is the closest you’ll get.

There are few bands that can invent and reinvent a genre, and there are even fewer who can do so throughout an album, and yet on 'Untitled', Rammstein run the gamut on the meaning of ‘Industrial'. From pulsating synths (‘Weit Weg’) to country twangs (‘Was Ich Liebe’), EDM beats (‘Auslander’) to acoustic strumming ('Diamant’); the German’s break the barrier between what is and isn’t metal.

Whilst Rammstein’s take on Industrial and Neue Deutsche Harte has never been rooted in accessibility, harmony and melody, Untitled is by far vocalist Till Lindemann’s most dynamic performance. Flexing his expressionistic muscles, Lindemann’s range explodes into angst-riddled aggressive screaming on ‘Puppe’ before simmering into the sombre softness of ‘Diamant.’ A newfound sense of range lends itself well to their usual shtick, upping the ante on harmonies throughout.

'Untitled' isn’t a ground-breaking masterpiece; it doesn’t need to be. 'Untitled' is the sound of a band at the peak of their creative powers, using the freedom of a ten-year recording gap to explore the very essence of Rammstein. 'Untitled' injects life into a band who would much rather be out on-stage causing chaos than in a studio writing material, and that’s exactly what we want invading our headphones.


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