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March 2020
Album review

'Automat' is a trip back in time for both long-time and new Metz fans alike

This album is jam-packed with gems from the past.
Label: Sub Pop
Released: 12th July 2019
Rating: ★★★
'Automat' is a trip back in time for both long-time and new Metz fans alike
Published: 2:08 pm, July 11, 2019Words: Beth Casteel.

In the span of their lengthy career, the Toronto punks in METZ have established themselves as a band not to be overlooked. Whether that be for their awe-inspiring live shows or their boisterous music catalogue, the band have proven time and time again that they are a mainstay in today’s punk scene.

With such a long and storied career, it’s no wonder that the band would want to highlight some of their hidden and lesser-known gems, and they’ve done so with their latest release, ‘Automat.’

As a unique addition to the band’s discography, the album features 12-songs of rarities, demos and other songs METZ haven’t released since their debut album back in 2012. And it’s no surprise, with such a collection of songs from years past, that the group’s signature frantic, and high-energy, sound shines through the most.

From start to finish, the record captures the chaotic and dizzying energy that the band brings forward in every release. Between its aggressive riffs, combative lyrics and rambunctious vibe overall, each song in the collection have something new and fresh to offer, which is slightly unexpected for a release that’s a series of songs from the past.

Going further off of that, the album in and of itself is surprisingly cohesive for songs that were made several years apart. Whether that’s due to the simple fact that the band has maintained their rough, yet catchy, sound during their career or that the record is so well-produced and put together in a way that’s hard to tell isn’t clear.

But what is clear is the fact that the band have constantly shown just how dynamic and focused they can be with each new single, album and B-sides. This album is jam-packed with gems from the past, and it highlights why the band has been around for so many years.

All in all, ‘Automat’ is essentially a trip back in time, no DeLorean needed, for both long-time and new fans alike.


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