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December 2022 / January 2023
Album review

Kurt Vile - (watch my moves)

If you need a bit of escapism, '(watch my moves)' is what you’re looking for.
Label: Verve Records
Released: 15th April 2022
Rating: ★★★
Kurt Vile - (watch my moves)
Published: 2:34 pm, May 30, 2022Words: Steven Loftin.

Remaining as effortlessly cool as ever, Kurt Vile comes a twangin’, spouting his tales once more. This time on his ninth outing '(watch my moves)', he’s bursting things wide open, taking them as panoramic as they can get.

Having been around for a fair while now, it’s easy to understand what you’ll be getting from Mr Kurt, but that doesn’t make it any less explorative. Offering up vast scenes (some clocking in at more than seven minutes!) if you need a bit of escapism, '(watch my moves)' is what you’re looking for.

At times it can feel like there’s no real direction, but that’s the point. From the delicate, cutesy opener ‘Going on a Plane Today’, to the calming ‘Jesus on a Wire’, the psychedelic hues melding with the sand-between-your-fingers sheen it’s a choose your own adventure. '(watch my moves)' does all this with the understanding that you’re here because you want to be, and within the vastness, you might even find some answers beneath his deftly woven, oftentimes odd-ball lyrics.


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