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May 2021
Album review

Knuckle Puck - 20/20

A mature and confident third record.
Label: Rise Records
Released: 18th September 2020
Rating: ★★★★
Knuckle Puck - 20/20
Published: 1:31 pm, September 16, 2020Words: Alex Bradley.

The last thing you'd associate with an album titled '20/20' being released this year is the positive and hopeful message Knuckle Puck are spreading in their third album.

"I can finally see clearly / as if my vision's 20/20," cries singer Joe Taylor for the album's introduction as the band shake off all the uncertainty in their quest for identity which told the story of their sophomore album 'Shapeshifter'.

Miles away from their second offering, this album brims with optimism and confidence thanks to the saccharine sweet bop 'Earthquake' and Mayday Parade's Derek Sanders' appearance on the euphoric self-help jam 'Breathe'.

If '20/20' was the end of a trilogy for Knuckle Puck, then this would be their coming of age moment. There are flashes of the urgent, white-hot energy of their debut in 'What Took You So Long?' blended with more spacious, blissed-out, moments like in lush sounding 'Tune You Out' and 'Green Eyes (Polarized)'. By combining those approaches, '20/20' flows mercurially from moments of pop-punk goodness into sombre moments of reflection and in turn lends its self to a more robust, full-bodied, album then Knuckle Puck have ever made before.

Unlike its predecessors, '20/20' is less of a snapshot of the band's feelings and more of a retrospective look at their life and an embrace of the here and now. The result is a mature and confident third record that keeps Knuckle Puck forging their own way path at the top of the pop-punk scene.


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