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June 2022 (NOAHFINNCE)
Album review

JOHN - Nocturnal Manoeuvres

JOHN continue to get better and better.
Label: Brace Yourself Records / Pets Care
Released: 8th October 2021
Rating: ★★★★
JOHN - Nocturnal Manoeuvres
Published: 12:36 pm, October 13, 2021Words: Melissa Darragh.

JOHN have proven once again that they are the fiercest duo around. Bringing their powerhouse of angst to our eardrums once again, we are graced with raucous new album 'Nocturnal Manoeuvres'.

Droning guitars threaten to push their way through the calming ambience of opening track 'Return to Capital', building and building before the infectious 'Sibensko Powerhouse' crashes in. It is clear from the offset that this album is gonna be big, bold, and utterly fucking beautiful - and it certainly doesn't disappoint.

Full to the brim of energy and passion, JOHN are a powerful force who never fail to impress. From their high octane energy to their drive and steady precision, their rich wall of sound brings a sense of heaviness and texture that produces a fullness to rival that of line-ups twice their size.

Over the years, JOHN have developed somewhat of a cult following - and this album is cold, hard proof that they are well worth the hype. As thoughtful and poetic as it is completely headbang-worthy, with 'Nocturnal Manoeuvres', JOHN continue to get better and better.


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