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February 2022
Album review

Illuminati Hotties - Let Me Do One More

Sarah Tudzin’s fuzzy lo-fi punk edge is glowing once more.
Label: Snack Shack Tracks
Released: 1st October 2021
Rating: ★★★★
Illuminati Hotties - Let Me Do One More
Published: 11:40 am, October 13, 2021Words: Steven Loftin.

The rambunctious bundle of fun that is Illuminati Hotties is back. Ready to bring a little light-hearted joy to the world, Sarah Tudzin’s fuzzy lo-fi punk edge is glowing once more. Surrounding saccharine melodies, her unstoppable energy is soaking up all it can to keep the good ship Hotties bounding along.

Since having label issues and setting out on her own, there’s joyful electricity running through her third outing. 'Let Me Do One More' is a glimpse into the living and learning life of its creator. Featuring many shades, from the sincerely reserved (‘Threatening Each Other re: Capitalism’, ‘Protector’), to the tongue-in-cheek country twang (‘u v v p’ feat Buck Meek), and the rip-roaringly fed up (‘MMMOOOAAAAYAYAY’); it’s a frazzled expedition into the great wide open of her mind.

Certainly, the twinkle in the Hotties eye comes from Sarah’s ability to traverse the serious, playful and antagonistic, making them all work together as harmoniously as not giving a fuck will allow. Much like a joke can of snakes, Hotties has popped open, and the ensuing chaos is something as welcoming as it is challenging. It wants you to take those sharp turns alongside 'Let Me Do One More', and, well, if you don’t want to? Who cares. Illuminati Hotties sure won’t.


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