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December 2021 / January 2022
Album review

Hacktivist - Hyperdialect

A record that’s backing down for nobody.
Label: UNFD
Released: 18th June 2021
Rating: ★★★
Hacktivist - Hyperdialect
Published: 2:22 pm, August 18, 2021Words: Dan Harrison.

“Hyperdialect isn’t an album for people to just casually listen to,” Hacktivist’s J. Hurley claims. You don’t say. Sure, the five-piece have never exactly been shy and retiring, but this is a record that’s backing down for nobody. 

Revolutionary grime-metal that doesn’t so much look at society with a cautious glance, but a thoroughly questioning glare - it’s an album so forceful it rarely deviates from full-on assault. Take ‘Planet Zero’ - a track that hammers well beyond the speed limit - tackling everything from environmental disasters, homelessness and, erm, Love Island. 

No target is safe. Engaged listeners only.


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