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February 2022
Album review

Greta Van Fleet – The Battle At Garden's Gate

Over an hour of classic rock wanderlust.
Released: 16th April 2021
Rating: ★★★
Greta Van Fleet – The Battle At Garden's Gate
Published: 2:36 pm, June 03, 2021Words: Kelsey McClure.

With a runtime of 63:34, 'The Battle At Garden's Gate' is a twelve-track gargantuan of an album. This makes for over an hour of classic rock wanderlust.

This album feels like glitter and sweat on skin under the desert sun. Track seven 'Stardust Chords' is a prime example of the at times, cinematic nature of this record. The sound of warring drums incites goosebumps, causing the listener to mentally prepare for a grand battle.

It is a brilliant showcase of Josh Kiszka's extreme vocal range. Just when you think his voice can't get any higher, it does. His voice is explosive, going from a shrill warble to a growl in a matter of seconds. Eighth track 'Light My Love' is both parts soft and fierce, evoking starry eyes in the listener.

Jake Kiszka (guitar) shows off his talent and versatility throughout the album. Effortlessly flipping from cool and classic 70s riffs to psychedelic solos, he brings the strings to life. Final song 'The Weight Of Dreams' is a fantastic platform for his skill. A huge portion of this nine-minute track is solely dedicated to his emotive playing.

However, because this record is so long the songs have a tendency to meld into each other and begin to sound the same. Due to this, the listener can easily get fatigued halfway through. If listened to in parts rather than continuously, it is much easier to digest.

Greta Van Fleet promised an "evolution" in their sound. But did they deliver? Yes - there's a wonderful blending of new elements throughout the record. The band have moved on to a new chapter in their careers, while still remaining true to themselves.


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