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September 2022
Album review

Fatherson - Normal Fears

Fatherson’s most inventive record yet.
Label: Easy Life
Released: 1st April 2022
Rating: ★★★
Fatherson - Normal Fears
Published: 2:10 pm, May 30, 2022Words: Finlay Holden.

Fatherson are taking the “alt’ splinter of their alt-rock identity and running with it on their fourth LP, ‘Normal Fears’. Through a songwriting process that aimed to “drop [their] guard”, the Glaswegian trio have embraced their vulnerability and summoned walls of production to bolster it.

With parts torn apart and reassembled, the band are able to construct reinvigorated and vibrant environments that give their discography a much-needed sprucing up. ‘Dive’ bounces between the two perspectives to demonstrate how Fatherson spring into a new pool of sound while still maintaining the ability to resurface, all while holding the same freeing emotion.

Speaking of emotion, ‘Normal Fears’ revolves around the end of a relationship and, while they may claim to not find optimism an easy concept to tackle, it is a theme captured with the silver linings in focus. As singer-songwriter Ross Leighton summarises: “this is not a break-up album, it’s a build yourself back up album.” While the slightly overinflated full-length stretches itself a little thin, the variety within the 13 tracks makes this Fatherson’s most inventive record yet.


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