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October 2021
Album review

Devil Sold His Soul - Loss

A statement of overcoming.
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Released: 9th April 2021
Rating: ★★★★
Devil Sold His Soul - Loss
Published: 2:40 pm, June 03, 2021Words: Steven Loftin.

It would seem that the recent fate bestowed upon American post-metal mainstays Devil Sold His Soul has certainly taken its toll. Their fourth chapter - the aptly titled 'Loss' - is not only them reckoning with the titular causation, but it's also them treading down a path lugging with them their strongest effort to date.

It would seem the six-piece have dug deep into the caverns of whatever's gone on in their world to etch out an emotional portrayal that is bound to serve countless overcomings. Wasting no time in getting to work on exorcising the trauma, the rapturously euphoric 'Ardour' ensures they're still keen purveyors of cinematically vast landscapes that soar with ambiance.

Doggedly flitting between the fury of dealing with these eruptions, to seeking resolution in melody, 'Loss' doesn't hold back in its purging and nor is it quick to move on - the majority hang around for a weighty 7 minutes-plus. In knowing when to let the feeling hang; all but the gentle ring of a solitary guitar fall away leaving the twilight striking around the cavernous hall left in the desertion, deftly proving their power comes as much from this reservedness as it does that melodiously cacophonous onslaught.

When the titular closer appears, reservedly coming to terms with death and all the baggage that tags along, its final moment is a crushing crescendo of noise, completely subverting that of the gentle piano beginnings. It's here that 'Loss' becomes something greater than a collection of songs - it's a statement of overcoming. It's in no doubt been a difficult journey for Devil Sold His Soul to embark upon, and 'Loss' deals pragmatically with its subject matter while purging the raw upset in a way that breaks boundaries.


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