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October 2022
Album review

Creeper - Sex, Death & The Infinite Void

Bloody brilliant.
Label: Warner Music
Released: 31st July 2020
Rating: ★★★★★
Creeper - Sex, Death & The Infinite Void
Published: 10:30 pm, July 30, 2020Words: Josh Williams.

Not many bands can convincingly disappear for a year after a dramatic ‘break up’ on stage, but Creeper are no ordinary band. ‘Be My End’ is an absolute anthem forming part of the double whammy opener with the spoken word ‘Hallejulah!’ preceding in what is quite frankly a ridiculously extra vibe. Singles ‘Born Cold’ (given a brand new mix for the album), ‘Annabelle’, and ‘Cyanide’ parade Creeper’s various different musical influences but it’s what lays deeper within the album that provides its most interesting moments.

‘Poisoned Heart’ is absolute pure goth country which feels so wrong and yet so so right while ‘Four Years Ago’ sees Will and Hannah duet almost perfectly on a slower moment on an album full of pomp and glamour. One of the album’s many high points is ‘Thorns Of Love’ which vibes with American 60s rock and roll building to a chorus and crescendo that Meat Loaf would be envious of.

‘Sex, Death and the Infinite Void’ is the sound of a band picking themselves up, putting themselves back together, and going for something completely new. It’s bloody brilliant and, quite frankly, should be in many, many AOTY lists when this unusual year finally ends.


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