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May 2021
Album review

CLT DRP - Without The Eyes

The sound of chaos harnessed.
Label: Small Pond Records
Released: 28th August 2020
Rating: ★★★★
CLT DRP - Without The Eyes
Published: 1:16 pm, September 16, 2020Words: Jamie MacMillan.

Sounding like a computer getting into a drunken bar fight with a dinosaur, all powered by the phenomenal voice of Annie Dorrett, CLT DRP (pronounced clit drip) have been a huge part of the Brighton scene for the last few years. On their debut 'Without The Eyes', they pull off the near-impossible in capturing that fierce live intensity onto record, no mean feat for a band who seem to delight in pulling themselves in multiple directions at once.

As brutally honest with herself as she is with the world around her, Dorrett's lyrics are as empowering as they are confrontational. No time for messing around here, and certainly no space for sugar-coating. Because' Without The Eyes' exists in a world where to be a feminist can still result in side-eyes from the worst parts of The Internet, and famed authors can happily spout venomous TERF nonsense to millions of followers with no real fallout. Tracks like 'Where The Boys Are' are the thrilling result, the words rushing out in a rage almost like a stream of consciousness as Scott turns his guitar into about four different instruments simultaneously.

There is so much going on at once that it can't help but skip a rail from time to time, but what could easily feel disjointed in the wrong hands never quite does here as the sheer amount of imagination on show from the trio always pull it back right from the edge. The sound of chaos harnessed, where they go from here is, truly and thrillingly, anywhere they damn please.


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