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October 2020
Album review

Broadside - Into The Raging Sea

A statement about hope, and accepting the future.
Rating: ★★★
Broadside - Into The Raging Sea
Published: 10:22 pm, July 30, 2020Words: Steven Loftin.

A whole heap of self-questioning and digging into deep feelings are the order of the day for Broadside. Vocalist Ollie Baxxter has clearly set some demons free from his life as the savage storm that comes along with the passing years has wrapped itself around him, threatening to drag him under, he’s buoyantly survived.

This collection of songs is Broadside laying it all out on the table. Even if their ship could be seen sinking, they’ll be giving it their all. A heart and soul unlike any previous Broadside release, ‘Into The Raging Sea’ is a duality between self and that age-old trope of romance.

Bands like Welsh emo stalwarts Funeral For A Friend have dabbled in the oceanic, melding them conceptually with feeling (‘Tales Don’t Tell Themselves’), whereas Broadside’s attempt, not strictly conceptual, chucks in enough references to the great wide open to at least connect a few dots, disjointedly.

While it may seem that Broadside are wading into the raging sea, amid a cacophony of swirling melody striking like lightning, hitting with the same emotive weight as Ollie’s words, there’s nothing too unfamiliar. Instead, it’s a statement about hope, and accepting the future. It’s one that says even when water could be pouring onto your deck, there’s always a lifeboat waiting.


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