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June 2020
EP reviews

Bodega - Shiny New Model

A mini-album of expansive new styles and moods.
Label: What’s Your Rupture?
Released: 11th October 2019
Rating: ★★★★
Bodega - Shiny New Model
Published: 10:46 am, October 17, 2019Words: Jamie MacMillan.

Returning swiftly after last year's exciting debut 'Endless Scroll', Bodega already look to be ushering in a new era with this new mini-album of expansive new styles and moods. With a new drummer in tow (the super-impressive Tai Lee) and produced in-house for the first time, there are no signs here that the Brooklyn band will be sitting still for long. A natural evolution and progression, it is a subtle yet distinct move on from those promising beginnings.

Taking influences from the past and shaping them anew, the title track has the feel of classic lo-fi slacker pop, but here it is stretched and massaged into something larger and more ambitious. But it is only the launchpad into a series of rapid vignettes that instantly feel essential. 'No Vanguard Revival' barrels along with more going on in seventy seconds than some bands manage in an entire record, an incessant guitar clang making way for a rampaging punk rhythm with references to Dadaism and Wire chucked in for good measure. There are so many ideas bursting out of the likes of the insistent 'Domesticated Animal' or the gorgeous 'Realism' that it would be no surprise to see these return in fuller form next time around.

As if to prove that point, 'Truth Is Not Punishment' returns in a whole new format. A track that was short and punchy on 'Endless Scroll' is here sprawling and captivating, twisting and reforming just as it has on live performances since its inception. Like its krautrock predecessors, it fully earns its plus-ten minutes playtime and will reward those who skip the (also included) shorter version. A seriously impressive diversion from one of the most interesting bands in recent years.


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