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February 2022
Album review

Black Honey - Written & Directed

Black Honey are reborn on their second album, 'Written & Directed'.
Label: Foxfive Records
Released: 19th March 2021
Rating: ★★★★
Black Honey - Written & Directed
Published: 12:02 pm, January 22, 2021

Black Honey are reborn on their second album, 'Written & Directed'.

Their 2018 self-titled debut was a stellar introduction bathed in glamour, and 'Written & Directed' follows only adding positives to this reputation, but with more of a bite. The album is an intentionally cinematic collection of 10 tracks that sees the Brighton four-piece bolder than ever before.

With its title inspired by Tarantino classics, 'Written & Directed' has a hedonistic and retro feel, demanding attention and packed full of theatrics. 'Run For Cover' is a standout, a quintessential Black Honey banger that's rough and ready, driven by dirty hooks left, right and centre, and a cut-throat chorus. The album is supported by brass instrumentation throughout, executed perfectly on 'Beaches' which transports you right back to California beaches in the 60s. 'Disinfect' leads the final act, it's the heaviest song the band have done to date, loaded with as much fuzz and grunge as you can handle whilst still being able to tell it's them.

Inspired by grindhouse cinema, female cinematic representation and kitschy pulp films, 'Written & Directed' is a bonafide soundtrack dedicated to empowerment and Black Honey's pop culture heroes ('Summer '92' retaining as much infectiousness as you'd find in a theme song from an American television classic) - continuing to prove themselves and push boundaries.


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