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May 2021
Album review

Bitch Falcon - Staring At Clocks

Their striking debut is cold, hard proof that grunge isn't dead.
Label: Small Pond
Released: 6th November 2020
Rating: ★★★★
Bitch Falcon - Staring At Clocks
Published: 11:52 am, October 29, 2020Words: Melissa Darragh.

There's something in the water over on those Irish shores. Dublin's Bitch Falcon bring us yet another stellar debut from the emerald isle, and this one needs to be played loud. Six years on from their inception, the trio have refined their sound, giving us a grunge-fueled escapade full to the brim with gritty angst and thundering basslines.

With high energy from start to finish, 'Staring At Clocks' merges intricate guitar melodies with fuzz infused basslines and unyielding, textured drum beats. A tight rhythm section and unwavering vocals give the album a sense of controlled chaos. High-octane enough to get lost in, while masterfully precise enough to keep those slick moments from getting lost in the mix. Each track builds with excitement, with the unrelenting intensity bringing moments of unmistakable euphoria.

The vocal layering brings an atmospheric edge, ever adding to the wall of sound the mighty three-piece have managed to create. Frontwoman Lizzie Fitzpatrick's haunting wails over incessantly catchy basslines and building drum progressions are a winning combo. From chords which smack you in the face to licks you'll be humming for days to come, it's clear that Bitch Falcon are anything but forgettable. A band ultimately demanding to be heard, their striking debut is cold, hard proof that grunge isn't dead.


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