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June 2022 (NOAHFINNCE)
Album review

American Teeth - We Should Be Having Fun

‘We Should Be Having Fun’ is a record that sounds awfully now.
Label: Fearless Records
Released: 29th October 2021
Rating: ★★★★
American Teeth - We Should Be Having Fun
Published: 12:04 pm, October 13, 2021Words: Stephen Ackroyd.

Observing the recent increased bleed between the twin towers of pop and rock is neither especially groundbreaking or a notably new phenomenon - but it’s fair to say that over the past couple of years, the popular kids have been steering more into pop-punk sounds. That’s fertile ground for new artists who want to cross the streams, and one that Colin Brittain - AKA American Teeth - excels in. 

‘We Should Be Having Fun’ is a record that brings a shimmering aesthetic that, while not groundbreaking, sounds awfully now. ‘Glue’ sounds like it’s heading for a by-the-numbers, seen-it-all- before pop punk standard before the beat kicks in, turning it into a fearsome earworm. ‘SICK’, featuring fellow pop-rock practitioners DE’WAYNE and phem, remains a triumph while closing track ‘Like To Be Love’ shows a different side, pulsing, atmospheric and restrained. 

At a time where attitude makes a rock star far more than the size of their riffs, American Teeth could be positively iconic.


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