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April 2020
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Wintersleep are going to re-release their Record Store Day singles this September

They'll be available for streaming worldwide.
Published: 11:11 am, August 08, 2019
Wintersleep are going to re-release their Record Store Day singles this September

Wintersleep are going to release two singles next month.

‘Free Fall’ and ‘Fading Out’ were originally shared on limited 7” for Record Store Day, with a wider release now scheduled for 6th September via Dine Alone Records.

"These are both songs we’re incredibly proud of recording and sharing with you,” the band explain. “Free Fall is a really exciting song for us. It taps into our love of progressive rock songwriting. We kept it off In the Land Of because it has such a strong identity on its own.

“Fading Out is a sort of bridge from Great Detachment to In the Land Of era of songs, completed a bit too late to be included with Great Detachment but one of the first tracks we worked on when we started getting ready for In the Land Of.

“It’s interesting as it sort of gave In the Land Of a direction but ended up being a bit of an outlier. It has this neat guitar line that somehow ties in sonically with Free Fall and feels like a really good accompanying track.

“Both songs centre around the idea of dissolution. Fading Out starts as a sort of conversation about a dissolving relationship. Free Fall around the idea of coming to terms with the death of a loved one, how to continue living with someone after they have passed, taking the relationship forward into future."

The band are touring the UK in September.


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