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Waterparks' Awsten Knight has announced his debut book

It's called You’d Be Paranoid Too If Everyone Was Out To Get You: A Collection of Personal Stories and Insights.
Published: 10:50 am, October 29, 2019
Waterparks' Awsten Knight has announced his debut book

Awsten Knight has announced his own book.

Due for release on 12th November, You’d Be Paranoid Too If Everyone Was Out To Get You: A Collection of Personal Stories and Insights arrives not long after Waterparks' latest album, 'Fandom'.

Available for pre-order now, the book will be available in two editions, including an all-black gilded Limited First Edition run of 1,000 copies which will come with a functional Awsten Knight brand OXXXA analog spirit conjuring machine.

The book's blurb reads: "Awsten Knight is in a band called Waterparks. Whether or not you know that is beside the point, what you need to know is that he speaks the truth about some very important things. Since his band has rocketed to success he has been around the world and back again, and he has brought back some very keen observations and insights that will be incredibly beneficial to your life. If you want an honest take on how things really work, as seen through the eyes of an early twenty-something musician with impeccable taste in sunglasses and a forever colour changing mop adorning his top, look no further, this book is for you.

"You'd Be Paranoid Too (If Everyone Was Out to Get You) differs from other musicians' autobiographies in that Awsten Knight has decided to take his fans along for the ride with him on this one. Having the unique ability to speak to people on a real level is one of the things that sets Awsten apart from other frontmen-and in his debut book, Awsten has woven personal tales of life and love in with a barrage of real unanswered questions. Dealing with toxic people, learning to love yourself, and waging war on an evil monopolistic mega-corporation are merely a few of the topics you will delve into when you look inside this young visionary's mind beyond the thoughts that usually make up 280 characters."

You can read more about the group's new album in the November issue of Upset, out now.

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