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Featuring Hot Milk, Pale Waves, Pianos Become The Teeth and more.
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September 2022
New issue!

Introducing the August issue of Upset, featuring daine, jxdn, Creeper and more!

There's also Chunk, No Captain Chunk, Yonaka, Capstan and loads more.
Published: 3:00 pm, July 16, 2021
Introducing the August issue of Upset, featuring daine, jxdn, Creeper and more!

There’s nothing more exciting than the new. The chase for the freshest blood is something that has dominated the world of alternative music for as long as any of us can remember. From that desire to be one of the four people at an early show to the lustre of those rare early releases, or just the chance to brag to our mates about being cooler than them - we’re all not-actually-that-guilty of it.

But there’s a difference between ‘new for new’s sake’ and genuinely show-stopping. That’s where this month’s cover star daine - fronting our new issue, out now - comes in. Impossible to strap inside one genre-labelled box, she draws from rock, punk and emo just as much as she does the bright neons of hyperpop and beyond. With no need to bridge divides and a licence to experiment at will, she’s not just new; she’s potentially revolutionary. What could be more exciting than that?

Elsewhere this month, we're breaking the rules with Creeper, looking for the x that marks the spot with jxdn, and getting pulpy with the DC Dark Nights: Death Metal soundtrack. Yonaka are a band reborn, Chunk! No Captain Chunk! and Capstan take us inside their new albums, we get back to the front with all the reports and chats from Download Pilot, and loads, loads more.

Add to that all the usual reviews, news and updates, and we've got another packed magazine. You can order the new issue of Upset right now, below, or subscribe here, and get every edition sent directly to your door worldwide.

August 2021
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August 2021

Featuring daine, jxdn, Creeper and more.

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