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Featuring Biffy Clyro, Wargasm, Stand Atlantic, Fontaines DC and more.
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August 2020
New issue!

The new issue of Upset is out this week, and blink-182 are on the cover!

There's also Of Mice & Men, The Faim, The Menzingers and more.
Published: 8:00 pm, September 16, 2019
The new issue of Upset is out this week, and blink-182 are on the cover!

What can you say about blink-182 that hasn’t already been said a million times before? Legendary doesn’t even come close to describing a band who have been a staple of the scene longer than many of you reading this have been alive, and yet still they’ve never lost their spark. Even with a reshuffled line-up, there’s still magic running through their veins, so we’re obviously cock-and-indeed-ahoop to welcome them to the cover of Upset for the first time this month. That’s two in a year, Mr Hoppus. You should probably take your own drawer for when you stay over.

They’re not the only long term faves rolling up this month, though. There’s finally a debut album from The Faim, The Menzingers are back in predictably fine form, and Of Mice & Men have a fearsomely good record to tell us all about.

Add to that the magnificent Chastity Belt, Press Club, Counterfeit, Proper and all the fun of Reading 2019, and we’re in for a big one.

The October issue of Upset ships this week. You can order a copy right now, below, or subscribe here. You can also pick it up from our network of stockists in record shops, retail outlets and venues around the UK.

October 2019
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October 2019

Featuring blink-182, Of Mice & Men, The Faim, The Menzingers and more.

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