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June 2020

Simple Creatures have shared 'One Little Lie' from their upcoming second EP

Their EP's coming this Friday.
Published: 10:42 am, October 07, 2019
Simple Creatures have shared 'One Little Lie' from their upcoming second EP

Simple Creatures have dropped a new cut from their upcoming second EP.

‘Everything Opposite’ - originally slated for September - will be released on 11th October, featuring the songs ‘Special’, ‘Thanks, I Hate It’, ‘Need Me’, ‘The Wolf’, ‘NVM’, and new single One Little Lie’, which is streaming below.

"The second EP is a little more cohesive," Mark Hoppus recently told Upset. "The songs feel more like they're all written at the same time. The first EP is very eclectic intentionally because we want people to know that we're not one specific idea or sound or thing. But the second EP definitely has more really shitty sounding electronic guitars and grimy beats which is the core that Simple Creatures is developing."

Check out 'One Little Lie' below.

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