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September 2020

SHVPES have released a new single/video, 'Hot Head'

The band are gearing up for a handful of UK festival sets.
Published: 12:34 pm, February 03, 2020
SHVPES have released a new single/video, 'Hot Head'

SHVPES have released a new single/video, 'Hot Head'.

“You never know what’s going on with someone behind the scenes," frontman Griffin Dickinson explains, "people can be going through a lot & appear to be absolutely fine. When shit gets ugly it can affect the way you see the world and that can manifest itself in ugly, negative traits. This song is reflecting on those traits and the knock on affect it can have on the people around you.

"Musically it’s a big step into a more solidified direction for our band. We’ve always had an eclectic approach to writing music but with Hot Head I think we’ve really found our own lane."

The band are currently gearing up for loads of festival sets, including The Great Escape, Download and 2000trees in the UK.

Check out 'Hot Head' below.


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