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July 2020

Rivers Cuomo talks about Weezer’s “gritty” ‘Black’ album

Hopefully it'll be out in a year, Rivers explains in the new issue of Upset.
Published: 3:26 pm, April 05, 2016
Rivers Cuomo talks about Weezer’s “gritty” ‘Black’ album
This month’s issue of Upset hits streets (and the internet) tomorrow, Wednesday 6th April, and it features Weezer’s Rivers Cuomo chatting not only about the band’s new ‘White’ album, but another project they have on the go too…

“I’m already well into thinking about the ‘Black’ album which’ll be coming out in a year,” he explains. “I’ve just got to go with what feels exciting in the moment and right now, I’m excited to do a black album but y’know, that could change.

“The next album is going to feel like an urban environment, night-time and gritty and hopefully a lot more modern sounds, synthesised sounds, samples maybe. I like to break away from the distorted power-chord thing but it’s hard ‘cos it works so well.”

“If the record [the ‘White’ album] grows and starts to get a new fanbase, we’ll stay on the road and we’ll postpone the ‘Black’ album, otherwise we’ll jump into the studio in the fall.”

You can read more from Weezer in April’s Upset, out tomorrow (Wednesday 6th April). The issue also features words with Deftones, Architects, Black Peaks, The Wonder Years, Boston Manor, Johnny Foreigner, and heaps more of our favourite acts. Order your copy here.

Interview: Ali Shutler.

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