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Fifteen bands that’ll make 2017 hella exciting. Probably.

We reckon these bands are due a new album, and we’re already stoked

Fifteen bands that’ll make 2017 hella exciting. Probably.

There’s no two ways about it, we’re definitely in 2017. We’ve double checked our calendars, tapped out watches and tried to stay in bed eating Twiglets and watching Come Dine With Me on repeat but it’s happened. The new year is here.

And while that means having to get dressed and leave the house for the first time in what feels like an eternity, it also lets us get excited about the imminent twelve months. We’ve already got albums from Creeper, AFI, Greywind, Deaf Havana and Lower Than Atlantis to look forward to but getting stoked knows no bounds. Here are a bunch of bands who’ll probably be putting out new albums this year and making us swoon all over the place, so get amped.


The return of the kings.

After a lot of lunch, it’s a pretty safe bet that Paramore’s fifth album (or 5more) is set to crash land at some point this year. If there’s one thing that band do better than all, it’s endure. Sure, there’s been a slight lineup shift but Paramore is a shared thing. Just like Fight Club, we are all Paramore.

Across four albums, they’ve evolved, shocked and surprised but despite all that wonderful growth, they’ve yet to put out a single song that isn’t great. If there was ever a band to believe in, it’s this one.



Ambition? You ain’t seen nothing yet.

PVRIS recorded their incredible debut from a tightly clustered nest of ideas and used the experience to push themselves in confidence and ability. After touring the world a bunch of times and settling into just what PVRIS could be, the band have a near endless pool of resources to draw from for album two. Knowing Lynn, Alex and Brian, all crystal clear vision and gritted perfection, they’ll take this blank canvas and overflowing pallet to make something bold, beautiful and brilliant.


After a year away, Marmozets have left a void in our lives. Debut album ‘The Weird And Wonderful Marmozets’ still burns as bright as it did when it was released back in 2014 but the band have changed.

Exposed to main stages, Muse and themselves, the band told us back in 2015 that for album two they’ve, “Got a completely different sound. It’s a lot more mature and a lot more together. It’s more focused on our influences. Before we wrote a song for the sake of a song and that’s why the last album sounds so different. The direction we’re going in, it will sound better live.”

Now, with months to refine, distil and explore, we’re desperate to see just what one of the most potent bands around has cooked up.

Sorority Noise

It only seems like yesterday that Sorority Noise’s ‘Joy, Departed’ broke hearts and offered comfort with its knife-to-the-bone admissions but the band are back later this year with a follow up produced by Mike Sapone (the man behind the dials for Brand New’s ‘TDAG’).

“It’s the most personal thing I’ve done lyrically,” the band’s Cam Boucher told Alt Press. “Focusing on personal detail and making it as real as possible was the most difficult, but most gratifying, thing of all.” Always personal but with a universal truth, Cam has always had a way with words that connect. Looks like this time around, they’re going to be inescapable. Brace for impact.

Arcane Roots

Arcane Roots have always been pegged as The Next Great UK Arena Band (catchy title, we know) and their songs have always come with a similar ambition.

Chicken/Egg, we don’t know which came first but across debut album ‘Blood & Chemistry’ and 2015’s ‘Heaven & Earth’, the band have dealt in grandeur, pomp and skyward gazes. Recent single ‘Curtains’ shows us something different though. Subdued and delicate, it’s a left turn from a band who have always veered left and for the first time in a while, we don’t know where Arcane Roots go from here. We’re excited though and excitement is good.

Diet Cig

The happiest band in the world have been thinking about their debut album for well over a year now. So have we. With only a scrappy collection of songs recorded before things really got going for the hyperactive pair of adventurers slash bullshit slayers, we’re yet to see just how much magic Diet Cig can really achieve on record.

“I feel like we’re starting to realise we’re making something that’s bigger than us,” Alex told Dork last year. “And it’s so crazy. Holy cow, our stupid little songs resonate with so many people and it’s such an amazing, validating, driving force to keep making music. We have so many feelings and so much to share, and to get that response from so many awesome, amazing kids who can relate too… holy hell what we say matters. People want to hear us shout about boys and stupid shit like that, it’s really exciting to have those feelings and have those feelings validated by loads of people.”

If their blazing, high-kicking live show is anything to go by, expect sparks and spells very soon.

New Found Glory

It’s hard to be a legend. With the success and excellence of ‘Resurrection’ hot on their heels, it would be easy for New Found Glory to feel the pressure. However, with a string of classic album shows booked in across the US, it looks like the band are pretty confident in their own future.

They’re a band that people have adored for twenty years ago and, based on this tweet from Hayley Williams, that’s not going to change anytime soon.


Photo: Sarah Louise Bennett

It was meant to come out last year. Will we get it this year? Maybe.

At The Drive In

Will it be rubbish? Will it be great? Return to form or insult to their legacy? Will it ever materialise? So many questions, such little time.

Brand New

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Who even knows anymore.



Rejoice, the band have just entered the studio to start work on album two.

Their debut was full of anxious social reflection, gnarled escape and provided a rallying point to get behind.
Aware, conscious and compassionate, Gnarwolves are more tuned in than they like to think they are. Expect the band that’s always given a shit to return with an album that’s straight-talking, down to earth and can reduce even the most existential of crises to nothing more than an excuse to get out the house and party with your friends.


Following the snowball success of debut album ‘Ugly Cherries’, PWR BTTM now find themselves with a platform. All eyes on them.

Taking the mantra “queer is invincible” and providing a voice in all the dark, there is a lot of weight bearing down on them. Determined not to blink in the face of it all, they’re a band you can back. They’ve already aired a handful of new songs and if those first impressions count, get ready to lift them even higher.

Milk Teeth

The band’s debut was one of the best albums of 2016. Fact.

They’ve already written the follow-up and they’ve got a bit of time before they head out on tour with Creeper and Co. so maybe, with a little luck, we’ll get something new before the year is out. With a better idea of the band they want to be and with new member Billy Hutton forcing a dynamic shift in the band’s live show, Milk Teeth are a much better band than they were twelve months ago.

It’s scary to think just how good Milk Teeth 2.0 could sound on record cos on stage, if the past few months are anything to go by, they’re pretty much untouchable. “We’re excited to show what we can do now,” teases Chris. Us too pal.

Charly Bliss

We’ve had on eyes on Charly Bliss for a while now. A handful of absolute solid-gold bangers lay scattered across The Internet, with their latest rager Turd a kick back against misogyny and self-entitlement. Sugar-covered but packing a punch, they’re the sort of band you’d expect to be playing The Bronze (if Sunnydale was a place on earth, obviously) and they’ll light a fire within you.

Last we heard was that their record was a work-in-progress but we have been really good this year. Fingers crossed.

On top of all that, we can probably expect the return of Queens of The Stone Age, Nine Inch Nails (if Trent can be believed), Linkin Park and Neck Deep. Bully are overdue a follow-up to their still-superb debut while rumour has it both Nervus and Muncie Girls are already working on album two. Sign us up. Elsewhere Avril Lavigne has promised a new album, her first since 2013’s self-titled, which can’t come quickly enough while Youth Man, Slotface, Cassels and Can’t Swim are looking to build on the momentum of recent EPs.

Basically what we’re saying is 2017 is going to be super exciting, which is nice.

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