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Diet Cig want their debut album out “sooner rather than later”

“We want to have it out by the end of the year.”

Diet Cig want their debut album out “sooner rather than later”

With their first incursion on foreign soil a triumph, and touring plans penciled in with the likes of Bully and Slingshot Dakota alongside appearances at SXSW and The Great Escape, Diet Cig are keeping busy. There’s one more thing on that ‘to-do’ list though: write a debut album.

“It’s so crazy,” exclaims Alex Luciano backstage at The Lexington. “When we started this band, we had all these crazy goals and somehow, it all came true so fast. It’s crazy to think that a year later, we’re touring in the UK.”

Gabrielle-levels of dream achieving aside, the band want to do more than see the world. ”Honestly, I just want to write a record I’m so proud of,” Alex says. A year on the road has set the pair on a steep learning curve towards that goal. A new dream in their crosshairs.

“We’re even closer,” he continues. “I think we understand each other better than anyone else can. We can give each other a look and it’s like I’m reading your mind.” From what’s for dinner to knowing when to give each other space, Diet Cig’s relationship has evolved in tandem with their musical chemistry. “If anything, we became best friends,” reasons Noah Bowman as the pair look at each other and laugh.

“When we first started on ‘Over Easy’, we literally wrote those songs and recorded them. Now, listening back, there’s stuff that I wish I did differently,” but Noah refuses to dwell on the past. “It’s totally fine now, it’s done with. This new record, we have more time to figure it.”

“We wrote three songs right when we got back from our other tour and I feel like they’re the best songs we’ve ever written,” Alex ventures. “We’re finally learning how to write with one another. We’re really settling into this groove of communication with our writing, which is so exciting. There’s just more to these new songs. They keep the simplicity but I think they’re going to be our best songs ever.”

“It’s coming along,” says Noah. “We’re about halfway through. We’ve put our own timeframe to it and we’d like to get it done sooner than later.” “We want to have it out by the end of the year,” adds Alex. “Late summer, early fall ideally, so fingers crossed.”

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