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PVRIS are up to something. Maybe.

Mark Monday 20th February in your diary.

PVRIS are up to something. Maybe.

Bands love a good game, don’t they?

PVRIS recently updated their Twitter header to a serious of three images with Roman numerals on.

It’s the same story on Facebook and Instagram. Now, in actual numbers this says 02/20/17 which is also Monday’s date. We might be speculating but we reckon something is coming.

We know the PVRIS album is recorded, we know they’re heading back out on the road soon. Could we be getting new music or, at the very least, some solid information to cling onto? Yeah, maybe.

“This next record will not sound hopeful or optimistic, at least in a blatantly obvious manner, and I’m not quite sure if our music ever fully will. I think it will always possess some sort of pensive and melancholy undertones, they just might take different forms and themes,” Lynn revealed recently. “That being said, I think there are ways to find growth and constructiveness through the times and situations we label as negative, even more so than ‘positive’ ones, it’s just all a matter of perspective. It’s about finding myself in an even darker place and the overall process, people and experiences that happened through that.”

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