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April 2019

Put your hands up in the hair for The Baby Seals' newest banger

It's called 'Nipple Hair' and it's about...yup.
Published: 10:27 pm, August 16, 2017
Put your hands up in the hair for The Baby Seals' newest banger
Baby seals are great. Honestly, just Google 'em and prepare for your heart to melt.

Naming your band after a source of such absolute delight is a bold move but The Baby Seals are everything you could want and a little bit more. The generous lot.

The band released their debut, self-titled EP earlier this year via Trapped Animal. It's properly great. You can snag a copy here. They've given one of the tracks, an excitable little number called 'Nipple Hair', the ol' music video treatment. You can watch it below. You should do that right now.

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We know what you're thinking. But Upset Magazine, where did The Baby Seals come from? Did they emerge one day from the woods, covered in confetti and sparkles? Were they created in that lab that specialises in great big bangers? We were as curious as you, so we asked Kerry Devine. She's in the band so we figured she's know.

"All three of us were in different musical projects which at the time were getting pretty full on and we just wanted some light relief. It was really just an excuse for us to dick around and hang out. We didn't plan the songs as such, they just developed and our mates liked them and said we should record them. I remember being at a party and a girl coming over to me singing 'Labia' before we'd even performed/recorded it, it had just been through word of mouth. She said it made her feel better about herself and that was the moment where I thought, right, let's do this.

But what about 'Nipple Hair'? What inspired that song?

"The song's about all body hair, but I love the word nipple. I had to grow my body hair out for a piece I was doing for work on female image (I'm a radio producer/reporter) and I had to do tasks like go to the local swimming pool and the spectrum of reactions I got - from men and women - was fascinating. Closer to home, my boyfriend at the time didn't seem at all bothered by my natural state, in fact he loved it which is always a bonus. I'd also worked out that in my 20's, I'd spent the equivalent of about 2 months shaving, plucking, tweezing my body hair, and I just thought - fuck that. Why oh why is this so important? Sometimes I shave/wax, sometimes I don't. Essentially it's up to us. It's a shame so many young girls in the UK feel they've got to whip it off or feel they have no option.

'Nipple Hair' is a tightly wound bundle of fun and excitement that also carries a poignant message. Hey Kerry, how do you strike that balance?

"I'm not a fan of preachy songs so that shapes the writing style. I guess humour is how you strike the balance and also acknowledging that as a white woman from the UK, who has loving supportive parents and a solid family life, I'm not experiencing first hand the adversity that many women face today. I'm thinking about a couple of books I read recently - The Good Women of China and Sacred Woman. Respecting that is crucial when it comes to the subjects of our songs, which are written to create a space where women can feel good about themselves, have a laugh and not feel judged."

That all sounds properly wonderful. What's next for you lot?

"We've got a tour in the UK this October (dates announcing soon), Jasmines currently making a giant vulva we can put on someone to sell our T Shirts and CD's at gig (made out of foam - check out our FB page for pics of it so far), and I'm writing a batch of new songs. Plus some cool indoor festivals end Aug/Sep, 234 Fest, Loud Women Fest and Subterranean Festival (dates below)."

You're part of the team behind Trapped Animal. What's the story there?

"Joel and I met through his love of The Baby Seals and my love for his sideburns/ chops. And he now manages us. I've wanted to start a label for a while, Joel has been growing this since it started as a club night in London and it was just the right time, right person, same vision. It's pretty exciting because collectively we know some extremely talented writers and artists and the label itself started from the gig pits of London, really underground scenes, so there's a real sense of authenticity with it. I'm a total control freak too so having a label I can put our stuff out on is also handy. The Baby Seals is it's own thing and it needed a label that got what we were doing, and that's Trapped Animal."

You want to go see The Baby Seals now, don't cha? Good shout. Go here.

26 234Fest @ The Green Door Store, Brighton (W/ Petrol Girls, Weirds, Milk Teeth, Youth Man)

02 Loud Women Fest @ DIY Space For London, London (W/ Dream Nails, Lillith Ai)
03 The Portland Arms, Cambridge
23 Subterranean Festival @ Cambridge Corn Exchange, Cambridge (W/ PINS, Ducking Punches)

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