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August 2019

PUP have dropped a couple of new teasers from their upcoming album, check out 'Sibling Rivalry' and 'Scorpion Hill’

‘Morbid Stuff’ is due for release on 5th April
Published: 3:40 pm, March 22, 2019
PUP have dropped a couple of new teasers from their upcoming album, check out 'Sibling Rivalry' and 'Scorpion Hill’

PUP have shared two new songs from their upcoming album, 'Sibling Rivalry' and 'Scorpion Hill’.

Both taken from their third album ‘Morbid Stuff’, due for release on 5th April via Rise Records, the latter was inspired by a particularly bleak place the band once stayed in Portland.

“It was a truly awful night for us,” Stefan Babcock explains. “We've had a lot of uncomfortable nights - which are fine, it's all part of the deal - but this was particularly fucked. We woke up at 5am just to get out of there. I remember being kind of pissed off and disgusted with the situation.

“Then as we were leaving, on the fridge there was a taped up picture of the guy's kid - what I presume was his kid. It was a picture of a five year old that was taken recently, that looked like this guy, like a class picture, right? It was just this kind of feeling of 'I definitely should not be pissed off here’.

“We just happened to walk into something that was really dark. This person's not just a slob. Something's gone really wrong in his life, and it's affected a lot of people. I was just trying to put myself in his shoes for that song, and trying to imagine what happened to get him to that point in his life.

“I think it's a pretty sad song. I think that might be the only song on the record where there's not a whole lot of humour. There's a couple of quirky one liners, but it's a pretty sad song.”

Check out 'Sibling Rivalry' and 'Scorpion Hill' below, and find the band on tour in the UK from 9th April.


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