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April 2019

Orchards have released their new EP, ‘Losers/Lovers’

Nice one.
Published: 11:23 pm, July 05, 2018
Orchards have released their new EP, ‘Losers/Lovers’
Orchards released their new EP ‘Losers/Lovers’, out today via Big Scary Monsters.

“We had planned originally for the EP to be five tracks, but after signing to Big Scary Monsters, they gave us the idea to put our previous three singles alongside it as we hadn’t ever physically released them,” the band tell Upset.

“These tracks are the result of three years of hard work - we are so proud of them and how our songwriting has grown since the start of the band. If we didn’t put our first three singles ('Peggy', 'Honey', and 'Darling') on this EP, they might not have got the chance to see a physical release, and we couldn’t do that to our babies!”

The band played an EP launch party at Paper Dress Vintage in London yesterday evening (5th July); they’re also heading to Truck for a set on 22nd July.

Check out ‘Losers/Lovers’ below.


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