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The new PVRIS album is recorded

No big deal. Honest.

The new PVRIS album is recorded

Doesn’t time fly?

Apparently it’s been almost three years since PVRIS released their debut album ‘White Noise‘ and we’ve all been waiting (im)patiently to see what comes next ever since. Well, it looks like the wait is closer to being over.

Commenting on a Facebook post, PVRIS shared the news that, “The album is recorded,” and even followed it up with a smiley face emoji. We’re no emoji experts but we’re taking that to mean, “The album is recorded and it’s really bloody great.”

The band, who had 45 new songs to play with and recorded the album in a haunted church, are heading out on tour with Muse in June before heading to Australia with Beartooth and The Amity Affliction.

“The band is very dark and the music is very dark, especially on the next record,” Lynn told Upset last year. “I think we’ll elaborate on that darkness a lot more but there will be new elements brought in for sure.”

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