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June 2020

Milk Teeth have released their new single, 'Destroyer'

The band are gearing up for a big 2020.
Published: 12:16 pm, November 29, 2019
Milk Teeth have released their new single, 'Destroyer'

Milk Teeth have released their new single, 'Destroyer'.

Becky says of the release: "'Destroyer' came out of one the band’s most turbulent points. I was in a lot of pain. The band was in a lot of pain and in a real period of instability. I wanted to directly address the reasons why and the direct lyrical approach of No Doubt’s “Excuse Me Mr” inspired and empowered me to raise my own voice in protest on Destroyer.

"It allowed me to openly address the issues and feelings of being fucked over and in complete despair, by channelling those thoughts into all out cathartic rage. The track contains so much anger, of which I’ve since made peace with, but at the time the frustration and hurt was so prevalent that I couldn’t see the way out.

"Sonically the track is angry too, the guitar parts in the breakdown after “it can’t hurt if I can’t see you” have been so expertly crafted by Em. The overwhelming, uncomfortable, and discordant noise is how I felt in my head for so long around the time of writing Destroyer. The video reflects this fury too. I’d always wanted to do a video that was weird, and we weren’t performing in.

"I collaborated with Billy Price (Puppy) on the visual references, and explained how the occult, paganism and the film Midsommar played a heavy part in my vision. I feel there’s so much repressed ferocity and wrath in those references and he managed to communicate that erratic, uncomfortable and painful feeling perfectly in his visuals. My love for Nirvana and the In Utero artwork is also no secret, and I guess this video is a little nod of appreciation to that record and that art."

It's the second track from the band since they inked a new record deal with Music For Nations.


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