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Meat Wave announce new album ‘The Incessant’

Check out the new single ‘Run You Out’ quick sharp.

Meat Wave announce new album ‘The Incessant’

Following on from the release of banging new song ‘The Incessant‘ late last year, Meat Wave have announced details of their new album and, uhhh, it’s called ‘The Incessant‘.

Out February 17th via our mates in Big Scary Monsters and SideOneDummy, the album was recorded by Steve Albini and is the follow up to 2015’s ‘Delusion Moon‘.

Check out the storming new single ‘Run You Out‘ below.

“It came out of some grand realizations about myself, and how some reflection can be really ugly — and necessary, the band explains in a new interview with CLRVYNT. “Confronting, questioning how I had handled things, my desire to escape from a situation. I don’t know — I feel a lot older. It’s crazy to look back on that time, even though it wasn’t that long ago, and to feel removed or aged or different. Some of the past just kind of stings, and I think that’s what getting older is: experiencing life in its madness, looking back on it.”

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