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The Spills preview new EP with ‘Black Grass’

Too many bangers is a great problem to have.

The Spills preview new EP with ‘Black Grass’

The Spills release their brilliantly titled new EP ‘All Spiller, No Filler’ on 18th November via Alcopop! Records / Philophobia Music. It’s made up of songs that didn’t quite make their album, including the addictively fuzzed-out ‘Black Grass’ – which you can check out below, first on Upset.

“When we went into the studio to record the album, we had over twenty songs in some shape or form,” explains the Wakefield troupe, “so we always knew we were gonna come out the other end with either an album and an EP, or a very long album.

“We ended up with seventeen finished songs. Twelve became [album] ‘Collecting Dust’, one was released as an additional single, and the other four became ‘All Spiller…’.”

The Spills’
second album ‘Collecting Dust’ is out now. Catch them on tour next month:

11 Level III, Swindon
12 Birthdays, London
16 Wharf Chambers, Leeds
18 Vintage Rockbar, Doncaster

09 Crux, Wakefield

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