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July 2019

Watch Tonight Alive team up with PVRIS' Lynn Gunn for new track 'Disappear'

It's the latest cut from their new album 'Underworld'.
Published: 7:37 pm, January 04, 2018
Watch Tonight Alive team up with PVRIS' Lynn Gunn for new track 'Disappear'
Tonight Alive have dropped the latest track from their forthcoming album, ‘Underworld’.

Titled ‘Disappear’, the song features PVRIS vocalist Lynn Gunn, and was debuted as Annie Mac’s Hottest Record on BBC Radio 1 earlier this evening (4th January). You can check it out below.

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We talked to both Tonight Alive’s Jenna McDougall and Lynn about the track as part of the new issue of Upset, set to drop later this month. You can get a sneaky preview of what they had to say below.


“Whak and I were in Nashville at the same time as PVRIS; they were rehearsing for a tour. Whak had just moved to Nashville, and we spent a month just writing there at the start of the year. Finally stars aligned for Lynn and me to collaborate.

“We’ve always talked about it; we’re always trying to make tour dates happen together or even just hang out. Our schedules are opposite to one another, so it was cool to be in the same place at the same time. We hung out with PVRIS a bunch, we went to the shooting range and had BBQs, it was fun. It was cool just to sit down and jam, we wrote that song in half a day.

“We said, if we’re going to collaborate, let’s make sure it sounds like neither of our bands. We didn’t want it to sound like Tonight Alive feat. Lynn, we didn’t want it to sound like PVRIS feat. me. Let’s write a song you would put on when you’re driving out of town and going under bridges, being on a big open highway, and just feeling free.

“We both enjoyed things like nature, forests and that oneness you experience when you’re in nature. That was an image that was in the back of my mind when we were writing ‘Disappear’. In the second verse, I talk about big dreams and how nobody wants them.

“We come from an industry where we want to see ourselves successful; we want to see ourselves in the best light possible and on the biggest stages. There are all these big dreams, and when you remove yourself from this world, you see that so many people don’t relate to that. It’s an isolated situation to find yourself in. Getting that perspective is cool, being in a small town and people are just living. Living off the land. They were some of the themes that inspired the tone of ‘Disappear’.”


“Jenna and I had always talked about working on a song together, whether it was for Tonight Alive, us or just for fun. We were rehearsing in Nashville at the same time she was there. We were in the same place at once for about a week, so I went in with her for a day, and Whak at the time, we just started a song from scratch. We ended up liking it and wanted to put it on the record.

“We were thinking about that feeling of when you want to step back from the world and look at it from a different perspective. There’s a lot of references to underwater and swimming, that feeling of when you’re submerged in water, and everything in the world disappears for a second. That’s a really heavy feeling and a thing we want to feel a lot of the time. It was cool to share that, and write about that together.”

Tonight Alive hit the road in the UK later this year. You can catch them at:

6 Manchester, UK @ The Ritz
8 London, UK @ Koko
10 Glasgow, UK @ QMU Glasgow
11 Nottingham, UK @ Rock City
12 Leeds, UK @ Stylus @ Leeds University
13 Bristol, UK @ Motion

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