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October 2021

Lakes have shared a new single, 'Retrograde'

It's a cut from their new album 'Start Again'.
Published: 11:43 am, July 13, 2021
Lakes have shared a new single, 'Retrograde'

Lakes have shared a new single, 'Retrograde'.

It's a cut from their new album 'Start Again', set for release on 30th July via Know Hope Records (US) and Big Scary Monsters (UK).

Talking about the new single, co-lead vocalist Blue Jenkins says: "Retrograde is inspired by a particular experience of trying and failing pretty spectacularly to navigate an avoidant attachment, despite impassioned arguments for the cause on both sides. It's about how confusing and frustrating it can feel to try and work together with somebody only to keep coming up against the same problems, and how sad it still is when you finally have to let it all go."

Lead singer Roberto Cappellina says of the album: "This batch of songs has been a vehicle for healing for all six of us in some way, so there are a lot of different, but raw themes throughout the record. Even though we’re currently all isolated from each other, the one person you can’t escape is yourself. We’ve been to some dark places between us, but ultimately, ‘Start Again’ is about coming out the other side. This record is about facing that darkness, owning it and letting go of the past. It’s about being at peace with it and moving forward and saying that it’s actually OK to start again."


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