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November 2020

Jamie Lenman's wife Katie takes centre stage in his new 'Like Me Better' video

It's a family affair. 
Published: 11:23 am, September 21, 2020
Jamie Lenman's wife Katie takes centre stage in his new 'Like Me Better' video

Jamie Lenman is teasing his new mini-album with a video for 'Like Me Better'.

'King of Clubs' marks the follow-up to 2018 covers-album-of-sorts 'Shuffle', and will be released on 25th September via Big Scary Monsters.

The new clip sees Jamie's wife Katie take the starring role. "I only had enough budget for one video off this record – the rest were made up of stock footage and group efforts. Handily though, my wife is a model amongst other things so when I sat in on one of her shoots, it looked so excellent I asked her if she wouldn’t mind miming the track a couple of times to camera," Jamie explains.

"She knew it from listening to the rough mixes and luckily the photographer was Scott Chalmers, who films most of my stuff anyway, so he agreed to grab a few takes and it only took about ten minutes. It’s such a sexy song that I thought people wouldn’t want to be looking at me anyway, so better to have it sung by the sexiest person I know.

"The big old TV was part of the original setup and later we shot a couple of inserts so I could appear on it but really it’s Mrs Lenman’s video, hers and Scott’s. They organised it, they styled it, it was their project – I’m just grateful they didn’t mind me hijacking the whole thing for my own ends."

Give 'Like Me Better' a watch below.


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