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June 2020

Jamie Lenman has released a brand new video

The clip is for a 'Danger Dub' remix of 'A Handsome Stranger Called Death'.
Published: 10:44 pm, October 30, 2019
Jamie Lenman has released a brand new video

Jamie Lenman has released a brand new video.

The clip is for a 'Danger Dub' remix of 'A Handsome Stranger Called Death', which is taken from his recent album 'Shuffle', released earlier this year.

Coming ahead of a UK headline tour, it'll be released - alongside a remix of 'Killer' - on a limited edition 7" available only at shows.

The clip references Robert Palmer's 'Addicted To Love' video in an almost shot for shot recreation. It features new drummer (and ex Arcane Roots member) Jack Wrench, the original song's writer Hannah Lou Clark, Jamie's wife Katie and more musicians important to Jamie.

A statement reads: "It's always tricky releasing singles after your main album has come out, because you want to keep promoting the record but you don't want to ask people to buy something they've already got. What I've started doing in this case is a pick a track that I think could work in a different way and then either remix or re-record it so even if you've heard the song before, what you get is a new take on it."

"With 'Handsome Stranger', I only had very vague ideas of how I wanted it to sound when we made the record, and I did think it might be cool with some sixties-style drums and some spooky sound effects on it, but in the end we went with a more calypso vibe. For the single I went back to that earlier idea and swapped the trombone for a bit of saxophone, just cos I thought it fitted the new version a bit better. I'm stoked with how it came out!"

"I also wanted to do something special for the album tour next month, like a bit of merch that you can only get if you come to the shows, and a seven inch vinyl is just perfect for that! This is the only physical single we've put out for this album so that's exciting too - as a record collector myself I love singles as a format and it's great to have that in the mix. I even did some new artwork for the cover, illustrating the roses from the lyric, seen through the skull-face of the song logo."

"On the b side I've put another one of my album alternatives - a super-90s club version of Killer, which was the lead single back in the spring. I wanted to hear it stripped back with a big ol' bass drum thumping all the way through and I had a blast putting it together. That's all this is - me having fun with all this great music I've loved for so long."

You can check out the video for 'A Handsome Stranger Called Death' below.


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