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June 2019 (Frank Iero cover)

Jamie Lenman has been eating his spinach as he announces his new covers album with a twist, 'Shuffle'

Check out lead, erm, theme 'Popeye' now.
Published: 2:43 pm, March 15, 2019
Jamie Lenman has been eating his spinach as he announces his new covers album with a twist, 'Shuffle'

Jamie Lenman has dropped a brand new single, and announced plans for a new album.

'Popeye' is the first taster of 'Shuffle', described in a press release as "a covers (or reinterpretations) album, one where the listener can go on a 'shuffle' journey of their own, through all media - music, movies, books, games, cartoons".

"I’ve always wanted to make a covers record" Jamie explains. "Some of these versions have been in the works for many years, so this was a real career goal for me. I was originally going to do it straight after 'Muscle Memory', but ultimately I felt that I needed to press on with another album of originals to fully establish my sound as a solo artist. I think 'Devolver' achieved this, making now exactly the right time to get a bit creative."

"I feel like the phrase ‘covers album’ has become a bit of a dirty word, which is odd to me - they’re a vital part of our musical landscape. Some of my favourite records are cover albums – Annie Lennox’s Medusa, Johnny Cash’s American, even those early records by the Beatles and The Specials were mostly covers, and still utterly their sound. I want to redefine the concept of a covers album – not just lazy sound-alikes of 80s classics, not just ironic metal versions of pop tunes – there’s no passion or invention in that, it’s just a smug joke. I may have covered a handful of childhood chart hits on this album, but I’ve also covered songs by relatively unknown artists, and I’ve covered songs by artists from my local music scene who I grew up with and admire."

The album features versions of television themes, film scores and the music from his favourite video game.

"For me, this album has been a dream come true - total creative freedom, a chance to push myself into terrifying new territories. There are so many parts of it that I still can't believe we actually managed to achieve, from singing in ancient languages to acting with one of my heroes and so much more besides. I can't wait for everyone to hear it."

'Popeye', as you'd expect, is a brutal blast at the theme to the classic cartoon featuring the sailor who finds strength in cans of iron rich green leaves. Average day at the office, really. You can check it out below ahead of 'Shuffle''s 5th July release date below.


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